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Record producer, composer and songwriter with 20 years' experience working with underground artists in electronic and alternative genres, playing in live acts from punk to electronic cabaret. Extraordinarily diverse range of influences and skills gained through a desire to learn to produce all the music I love.

My greatest skill lies in being able to take the roughest sketch of a vocal or musical idea and reimagine it to create a finished production which possesses a commercial, tight polish and amplifies the personality and intent of the artist in an innovative and unique musical /sonic context.

In the studio, I have regularly been complimented on my ability to create an environment where the artist is able to deliver their best ideas and performances, hearing phrases like 'I didn't know I could do that!' or 'I don't know where that came from!' on a regular basis. Discussion and intuition are important parts of the creative process, with projects often ending up somewhere completely different from where they started, but exactly where they need to end up.

I am able to get involved with a project at any stage- send me a dictaphone musing or a near-complete demo production, and will ascertain what is needed to bring it to completion, assisting in composition, songwriting, and arrangement.

I record at home, and achieve studio-quality vocal results with my setup. I am able to record individual instruments, although I do not have the facility to record band performances. However, this has never been my musical focus, preferring to work 'in the box' with sound design and sampling. I can, however, work with stems if available.

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Terms Of Service

Turn-around time varies according to the nature of the project, but usually averages 1-2 weeks. (I currently work full time) I will allow revisions until delivery of the final master and payment.

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