Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Producers & Songwriters who worked with George Gakis &the Troublemakers

Guitarist, Mixing, Producing  - Jess P. Tzimas


I'd love to mix or play guitar on your songs. For gtr playing: any style, except jazz. For mixing: any style. M.I graduate AA degree https://www.jessptzimas.com

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Music Production facility - Godspeed Media

Godspeed Media is a professional recording studio and production facility located in Guadalajara, Mexico. We enjoy to record, produce mix and promote new artists. _______________________ Godspeed Media es un sello discográfico y estudio de grabación profesional en Guadalajara, Jalisco México Visit: www.godspeedmedia.com

 - Mixtape Pros Audio Engineering and Graphic Design Services

Mixtape Pros is an online Audio Engineering company based out of the Atlanta, GA area. We offer the internet's most affordable packages that feature high quality Mixing, Mastering and Graphic Design. Our team of professionally trained and experienced engineers guarantee their work and will be sure to take your project to the next level!

recording.mixing,mastering - ZERO Entertainment

Over 20 years of experience working for record companies as producer,mixer in Asia, Europe and the US.

Music Producer  - Potcat

I am PotCat. Mostly Known for Electronic Music Production. I am also a well known DJ in the Illegal Underground scene in Central and Eastern Europe. My Experience goes back to the year 2007 in Montreal, Canada and that's where i made my stage to the world of Music Production.

Songwriter, Recording Artist - RZ Shahid

Transforming the feeling into groovy words you can relate and catch a whiff of euphoria to. With much personal experience and of course time within music I've learned how to convey mine and others emotions through lyrics, tone, flow, & cadence. Transparent with a good time is how I see it, come groove!

Mixing & Editing + Recording - Just J.R

I love what I do and its not a job to me as I am also an artist who understand the need to be fully apart of the process, I can provide comfort as I have mixed vocals for rap artist such as the late Fred the Godson, Cristion D'or, Goodz the Animal and Beanz from the Netflix series Rhythm + Flow. Check me out you wont regret it, lets have some fun!.

Session Woodwind Specialist - Bill Todd

Jazz Saxophonist and Broadway woodwind player at your service! I lived and worked in NYC purely as a working musician for 10+ years. Played in a ton of musical situations including, Broadway pits, big bands, small group jazz, classical chamber music, Ethiopian music. Currently based out of Los Angeles. I can provide multi-woodwinds and many genres.

Producer, Singer, Songwriter - Lileo

Songwriting Genius


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