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Mix & Mastering Engineer - Caserta


I am Los Angeles based mix and mastering engineer (by way of Boston). I've worked with subsidiary labels of Sony and Columbia and Def Jam. As well is indie labels such as BBE, Ubiquity, Soul Clap and many more. My experience ranges all the way from disco and funk vinyl reissues to pop, hip hop and almost anything in-between.

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Songwriter, Vocalist, Engineer - Kelly "Madame Buttons" Sheehan

Hi I'm Kelly. I'm a songwriter, vocalist, recording engineer, vocal producer and producer from Los Angeles, CA.

Music Producer, Composer - Zohara Niddam

I'm a composer, producer, arranger, and a recording engineer, atm spend my time between London and Tel-Aviv. In both cities, I have my studio and equipment. If you're a singer-songwriter who's looking for the right arrangement and production for your song, I believe I can make you get there in an enjoyable and a quick process.

 - Leaxkontour

Beach Line Drive 💔🚶‍♂️🧎🏽‍♀️ 🏝☀️ @leakontour

Orchestral Arrangement - TAISHUN

Active orchestral arranger in Hong Kong, including Traditional-Chinese instruments.

Singer, Singer-songwriter - Cliff Huen Tin Yeung

Singer, Dancer, Actor. A Hong-Kong raise and born male performer now living in Hamburg, Germany.

Mixing & Mastering - mvtis.vuitton

Credits: Kukon (PL), Efes (PL), Klarenz (PL)

Keyboard Recording, Music Prod - Kenny Leonore Productions Ltd

How much and how long will it take you to learn keyboard and record ideas on your songs? I can help you save time and money using my 20 years of experience to get it done. I am very comfortable and versatile to arrange, play and record different styles of music, shall we do a test on your track? What would you like to do next?

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