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Beat Maker | Piano | Synths  - Fran Cirimele


Hi! I’m Fran. Feel free to take a check to one of my last production -in "audio sample"- for the famous actress Thelma Fardin. Feel free to check out the reviews here on Soundbetter, too! I'm also an artist, so that helps a lot to understand what you want. We'll work on your song together as a team, and will do my best to make your music grows up.

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Recording Cool Guitar Tracks - João Erbetta

I'm a producer, mixer, composer and guitar player with 25 years of experience working in Brazil, in the US and now in Europe

FOH, Monitor, and Mix Engineer - Split the Difference Audio

With 20+ years experience, Ron is a well respected and accomplished live sound engineer, as well as a mix engineer. From sold out arena events to the Chicago Cubs rally Ron is a high demand engineer. I am also a DPA Microphones Master Club Member

Bass-tronaut / low-end-gineer - Scotty Piper

Want to excite your sub frequencies? Deep, dirty, synthy and mysterious like the Mariana Trench? Funky slap bass from outer space? Cliche's of country and blues? Fuzzed out riffs with thundering fingers? Nobody movin' if the bass ain't groovin'.

Graphic Design Company - Proglobalbusinesssolutions

Get End to End Creative Solutions for Your Album

I do beats, mix and master - Bluepaper Productions

I am really good at making drill beats, however, I can do other genres as well.

I am a songwriter  - Lindi

I love to write song and I inspired by many artists, For right now I don't have any connect with some artists or studio , but I have some good songs already done.I'm very versatile.

Producer, Keyboardist - Kevin Williams

Producer, Mixer, Vintage Keyboard Player

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