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Credits on top 20 Official UK Charts, former head engineer and mixer for Mike Stock, The UK's most successful songwriter and producer. Have worked and learned alongside some of the UK's most prolific engineers.

I love music! More than that, I love mixing and that magical moment of turning recordings into records. I’ve spent 15 years working in studios learning how to do this and in that time have had the opportunity to create amazing records alongside Producers that have sold more records than the Beatles, Mixing Engineers that have worked on multiple Platinum-selling records and Mastering Engineers that finished off all your favourite albums. I’ve even had chart success myself and am credited on records from Global Superstars, TV icons as well as loads of incredible up and coming artists.

Now I want to offer what I have learned working alongside these people to all up and coming musicians. Quite often I hear great demos and music from artists but the mixes just are not up to scratch. This can be a huge problem. If the mix isn’t right, half the time you’re not even going to get through the door. Radio stations won’t play a bad mix, record labels won’t listen to it and even venues distrust badly mixed records. Who wants to invest in musicians that aren’t investing in their own music?

So I am offering my knowledge and mixing services at a price that won’t break the bank. Get your mixes finished by someone who has a long experience and has learnt from some of the Masters of the Industry for less than what you would pay for a local studio.

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Terms Of Service

Turnaround time usually 3 - 4 weeks. No Max revisions (as considered reasonable). Additional recordings and overdubs mean an additional charge.

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