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I'm looking for a powerful female vocalist.

Hi. I'm looking for a singer who can sing like a reference song. The song is 30 seconds long. Attached is the reference song. And I want...

Nikkiyah S.
Nikkiyah S.

Need background vocals arranged

Hi I’m in a 5 member group and I’m contacting you regarding background vocal arrangements. We have a song written and wanted some help on gett...

Fahina A.
Fahina A.

Need my covers mixed and mastered

I am thinking of singing covers of my fav songs, using the -1 tracks for yt channel. Need them mastered & mixed. I naturally have sweet kind o...

luca s.
luca s.

Need one vocal for one song

Hi everyone, i'm looking for a female singer for a new instrumental POP/EDM track The track has in the main part a guitar sound which makes ...


Looking to mix an 8 track album in dolby atmos

I am looking to get an album mixed for dolby atmos support. It is an 8 track album with a max of 30 tracks. It is a live concert environment f...


Need a track produced

I need someone who can produce a track for me, I’ve got the beat sample I wanna use for making the track. Please can you tell me what it takes...

Alexandra R.

Need vocals for one song

I havnt worked with anyone yet here in soundbetter. I need vocals for my song and i think your voice should be perfect. So im just curious abo...

Aaron F.

Need 1 song produced

I need someone who can produce a full beat for me to sing to. I sing but my style is more like slow rap. I want something like mazzy star - fl...

Jan L.

Need 4 songs produced

I am an artist in Vancouver working on a 4 song EP. I have recorded and produced the songs myself but would like to re-record all 4 with an en...

Alwin S.

One song mixed and mastered.

I need one of songs mixed and mastered. I'm looking for Illenium vibes. The track has future bass/melodic dubstep vibes. I'm relatively new to...

Cameron B.

Need some songs produced

I’m looking to record around 5 songs. I have everything written but I can’t mix or anything at all and I don’t have very good recording equipm...

Steven F.

Need 1 track mastered

I need 1 track mastered, the track is mixed and needs a mastering engineer, the track is a feel good house track,would it be possible to have...

Andrea M.
Andrea M.

need vocal for 1 song

we want to know if you can help us, we are searching for one dark vocal rap for our song. something like black skinhead of Kanye west. can u h...

Roman k.

Need a music producer for my song(s) Would like to discuss pricing etc.

Need a music producer to do the instrumental tracks, mixing and mastering and recording of my vocals. Where are you located and can we discus...

Mario M.
Mario M.

Need 1 vocal + bv + harmonies

This is Mario, I have a song to be done. The song is fully finished except for the vocal part, BV and harmonies in the chorus. I'm looking f...

Recent Successes
  • Joey is priceless! He is an incredible singer and he is super dedicated to his work.

    Job Completed by: Joey Diggs Jr
  • Kyle did an awesome job. He's a 5 star pro, very easy to work with, you won't be disappointed. Can't wait to work wit...

    Job Completed by: Kyle Brian
  • Drew delivering on some killer melodies once again. Another really powerful song written!

    Job Completed by: Drew Tyler
  • This guy is great! A little GEM there in Colorado. Had Curtis mix a song and he was prompt, thorough and extremely ...

    Job Completed by: Lavender Lane Production
  • It is always a pleasure working with Antonio. His turnaround is always extremely and quick the product he delivers ba...

    Job Completed by: Antonio Ruscito
  • Sensitive and important interpretation of a historic score by American composer Joel Chadabe. Brilliant work. Exc...

    Job Completed by: Nemanja
  • Chris did a great job comping, tuning, and quantizing my vocals. He is one of the best vocal tuners I have worked wit...

    Job Completed by: Chris Garcia
  • Luyo made the track sound good and I’m happy with the product. His communication was excellent.

    Job Completed by: Luyo
  • Molly created a lovely, understated lead vocal for my Jan Ian-inspired singer-songwriter track. She also came up with...

    Job Completed by: Molly Johnston
  • John worked with me through long haul to get our 11 song album mixed and mastered, and the results speak for themselv...

    Job Completed by: John Marion
  • The attention to detail on the track was amazing and I could really hear the depth of the vocals and the crispness of...

    Job Completed by: Andrew Young
  • Super easy to work with. I couldn't be happier with the results! I would love to work with her again.

    Job Completed by: Mariami