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10 year professional audio engineer/musician specializing in all manner of alternative rock recording, mixing, & mastering.

I've been working in recording, mixing, songwriting, & performance for over 10 years & have a great understanding of the artists' perspective, as well as a great interest in the human condition & how music affects people's emotions. I live mostly in the indie rock world, but I always prioritize the heart of the song & the artist, regardless of what I "usually do". I love joining each band I work with & becoming a part of their world. I always end up learning from my clients just as much as they learn from me. That positive friction between producer & artist is what makes truly honest art. I also create music with my project, Gleemer, if you'd like a further sense of my taste.

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  1. Review by bloody/bath

    Awesome! He bought a lot of body to the track in the mix and polished my bedroom recording. Great communication, quick delivery, and reasonably priced for the quality of work he produces.

  2. Review by Jordan Portlock
    by Jordan Portlock

    Corey is a dream to work with. His communication is excellent and he brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into the process. We came to him with a lot of ideas we were sure about and a lot of ideas that weren't fully formed and we was great about digging into the details, providing feedback, and helping us realize what we were trying to achieve. He knows his flow but is always willing to experiment which makes for a really comfortable and exciting process. Corey Carried us through the whole project and the end result was well beyond our expectations. Can't recommend him enough!!

  3. Review by Meredith Ramond
    by Meredith Ramond

    Corey is amazing. We traveled all the way from LA to record w/him! He is so knowledgeable about gear/instruments/genres. He knew exactly what we were going for&how to achieve it. You can tell he really cares about making the music the best it can be.
    He is incredibly easy to be around &makes you comfortable right off the bat.
    And as the only woman in the mix, it has the potential to feel isolating and intimidating in the music industry in general, but I never felt that way working with Corey. He also understood my style and voice&knew how to get the best out of me.
    Will def come back!

  4. Review by Kenzo Cardenas
    by Kenzo Cardenas

    My band Yume wanted to record with Corey because he understood the vision and music. The experience was more than that. This was the best drum performance I had ever recorded. He believed in my parts and took it to the next level. He also has the best sounding kit and cymbals I've played. The guitars and vocals are right up there with the drums. We got exactly what we wanted. It was so refreshing working with a guy that was extremely motivated and excited to work with us. It fed off into the performance. The hospitality at the studio was amazing, especially for a band from LA. We'll be back.

  5. Review by Corey Wright
    by Corey Wright

    Corey is a dream to work with. I approached him to master my tracks and he added so much clarity and depth to the tracks. His technical savvy is approachable as an amateur myself, and he made my previous tracks look weak in comparison to the sonic presence he added to the most recent tracks. Looking to record with him in the future, I was so well pleased.

  6. Review by Colby Sanchez
    by Colby Sanchez

    My band Living Conditions had Corey recently mix and master our EP and there’s a night and day difference from the tracks we started out with. Corey enhanced all the tracks, making our sound much bigger than they did before. He did such a good job and I plan on continuing to work him in the future.

  7. Review by Kai Wilde
    by Kai Wilde

    Corey is the man! Helped us all the way from the start of our bands release. Super nice and does insanely good work! Let him mix your stuff!!!

  8. Review by Braedon O’Shea
    by Braedon O’Shea

    Corey is the best engineer/producer/mixer/masterer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. It’s very rare to find someone who wants to make your music the best it can be and who feels a like another member of your project right from the get go. Corey does this by breaking down the process and really making sure that every piece of a song is done properly and his ear and attention to detail is what does this. He is very professional and just a cool dude to be around when he’s working on your music. I will be doing all of my future work with Corey and so should you!

  9. Review by Jason Connolly
    by Jason Connolly

    If you're looking for an engineer that truly cares about the art you're creating and the vision that you have for it, Corey is the right play. He understands the vibe you're looking to create and will work with you every step of the way to get your music where it needs to be. Simple as that.
    Before I found out about Corey I struggled to find an engineer that was in tune with the style and feeling of what I was going for. Corey hit the nail right on the head though, with no explanation from me or anything. He just knows what's up.
    I'll be back for more, for sure.

  10. Review by Tucker Ewing
    by Tucker Ewing

    Corey is an incredible engineer and producer. Every time I have the privilege of working with him I am blown away by his professionalism, his approach to his art, and the quality that he produces. 10/10 would recommend using Corey for your projects.

  11. Review by Brendan Dyer
    by Brendan Dyer

    Corey is the best mixer I've had the pleasure of working with. He just gets it. I had a very specific vision in mind of what I wanted out of my project and Corey helped me achieve it very efficiently and seamlessly. He is a true pleasure and I hope to be working with him for many years to come.

  12. Review by Ben Pisano
    by Ben Pisano

    Corey is, in my opinion, the best audio engineer in Colorado regarding the indie/rock wheelhouse. Aside from being one of the most pleasant, understanding, and enthusiastic people I know, his knack for production and arrangement is as unique as it is unobtrusive to artistic vision, and his suggestions always serve and compliment the song. His drum sounds are some of the best I've ever heard, and he achieves it all without any sort of sample replacement or intense editing. His mixes are some of the fullest, clearest, most realistic I've ever heard. Wouldn't recommend anyone else over him!

Pressure by Gleemer

I was the Engineer, Songwriter in this production

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