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Vocal Mastering is an award-winning dedicated mastering studio located in Durham, NC (USA), offering affordable flat-rate pricing, quick turnaround, and outstanding results.

Vocal Mastering is the “finishing station” for hundreds of mixers, producers and recording artists around the world. We employ a combination of highly specialized vintage and modern ultra high-end hardware and a fully stocked suite of cutting-edge software to create a product that puts your music first, and helps it stand out in a crowded world of aural sameness.

Vocal Mastering gives your project the punchy, clear, rich sound that makes it stand out from the crowd, while remaining musically-pleasing and distortion-free – and we do so affordably.

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AllMusic verified credits for Dave Sperandio
  • Jackie Evancho
  • Home Free
  • Home Free
  • Peter Hollens
  • Pentatonix
  • Aural Pleasure
  • Aural Pleasure
  • Aural Pleasure
  • Speak Of The Devil
  • Déjà Blue Duke University
  • Déjà Blue Duke University
  • Déjà Blue Duke University
  • Chi Rho
  • Chi Rho
  • Chi Rho
  • Grains of Time
  • Voices in Your Head
  • Almost Recess
  • Penny Loafers
  • Chi Rho
  • Simply Three
  • Grains of Time
  • Vocalosity
Pentatonix - Little Drummer Boy

I was the Mastering Engineer in this production

Gear Highlights
  • Tyler MM5 Mastering Monitors
  • Lynx HiLo
  • HiFiMAN HE-500
  • Dangerous Music Monitor ST / Master / Liaison
  • BAX EQ
  • Great River MAQ-NV Mastering EQ
  • Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ
  • Foote P3S Compressor
  • Dave Hill Designs Titan Compressor
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