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Get an expertly polished sound from precisely chosen effects including custom SSL eq and compression on all tracks. Go from a well laid out track to a fully put together song in 1 day.

We will work together to create impact, set a mood and tell your story.

Many adjustments will be made as we want to be creatively enhancing your song. Where needed I will be adding effects that compliment different parts of the song like drops in the beat, delays, reverb, pitch correction, SSL compressors and EQ.

Edits to the audio will be creative and technical as I look to correct mistakes, tighten up rhythm and edit out harsh breaths. If needed I may also create the intro or ending. Depending on the song, sound effects or other audio maybe added.

Going over each fader and effect critically I will be listening for the perfect mix of volume, frequency and width. All effects and edits will be adjusted to perfection and any other items we discussed will be completed. Listening on multiple sets of speakers will also make sure the mix translates well and sounds good everywhere.

You will receive a copy of your master in Wav and MP3 format. I will also create other versions of the song you may need such as a show mix. Your sessions will also be available for any revisions or copies if needed at least 90 days from approval of the master.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.


Terms Of Service

First mix returned in 48 hours.

Over the next 30 days after receipt of first mix.
Unlimited amount of revisions until you are happy with the mix.
Request Other Versions (accapella, show, ect...)

Gear Highlights
  • Pro Tools
  • SSL
  • Autotune
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