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From Recording, to industry level Mixing and Mastering, the #EngineerOfTheYear has you covered‼️ Mixing and Mastering are two things you can’t fake in the music industry. At MagicFactoryStudios we treat every client like They are Grammy nominees‼️ In other words, only expect the BEST‼️

Brandon Magic, a Wilmington, Delaware native currently residing in Palm Beach, Florida, has been engineering professionally for 9 years now and has earned the title #EngineerOfTheYear from always delivering the best quality possible to his clients. He is the Head Engineer and Mixing Specialist at MagicFactoryStudios and founder of the MagicFactoryMusic brand. He possesses the ability to help artists find their unique sound through artist development (“in-person” sessions) and frequency manipulation. The Magic does not stop there, however, BMagic is also a vocalist and recording artist himself, giving him the upper hand on many engineers because he has he ability to see things from the artist perspective. From Recording to Song Writing, to Singing Hooks, to Mixing & Mastering, to artist development - MagicFactoryStudios has you covered 🎩

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$60 for a full Mix/Master; Two or more mixes $50 per.