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I'm a lifelong drummer, bandmate and recording/touring musician. You can listen to music I'm involved with here: https://seinzumtode.bandcamp.com/ https://batheus.bandcamp.com/ https://whimperer.bandcamp.com/ I'm in a DIY studio that allows for efficient and reasonable recording, mixing and mastering of any weirder-the-better music/noise projects.

I will field inquiries for any music studio-related tasks and openly discuss goals, budget and cost. My 15+ years experience is in writing and recording music with many extreme bands, as well as my solo/improv sessions, and pushing away any idea of boundaries. Now, with options to record, mix and master on my own, I find a useful way to try my musical ear, ideas and capabilities in the world within the world I enjoy. Given the chance, I will gladly give my brain's best to enable you to find the sounds you desire at a reasonable price. I find that not much else, if anything, satisfies so greatly.

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Manhandlin ' The Lanolin ... and ... BiFurious George PsyCloney ...by Sein zum Tode

I was the Recording Engineer & Drummer in this production

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    Looking for projects, willing to help!