Specialty Mix Engineer

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I have been involved in the indie music scene since 1996 producing and recording artist. I had the opportunity to work with numerous professional studio musicians and engineers and gained a lot of experience by collaborating with them.

I am primarily a mix engineer and producer. Most of my work is concentrated in the genres of soca, dub, dancehall and hiphop. My clients have become accostumed of me performing with a high level of technical proficiency without sacrificing the musicality and vibe of the song. I always like when the composers, writers and producers tell me that this is the sound that they wanted or were trying to achieve.

I have invested in the acoustics of my mix room and my custom monitoring system. This helps me to hear the intricate details of the recording which in turn helps me to make better critical judgments. I work in the box and have the highest quality plug-ins available, some of which are custom designed to suit my sonic needs.

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Specialist - Cassandra

I was the Mixing Engineer, Producer in this production

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