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If your looking for that pro mix/mastered sound for RADIO, T.V, CLUB and INTERNET. Just simply send us the session via wetransfer. And the rest is history.

To send me the session folder:
1: First make a copy of the session folder to ur desktop.. that way u want alter the original folder. If you have a mp3/wave burnout of the song copy then paste it inside the session folder before you compress/zip it…so i can have a reference of the song layout..

2: Compress/zip the folder on desktop..(To compress/zip right click on folder and u will see compress/zip option)

3: Go to
.....u don't need to sign up or log in

4: Click on the (+Add files) button….Locate zip folder the click open in window (it will then attach the zip file

5: In friend's email section enter my email

6: In your email section enter your email

7: (optional) Leave notes about the song, if any (optional)

8: Click transfer button will then upload the file to its server the send me a link to my email, To download the session (DO NOT CLOSE PAGE UNTIL UPLOAD IS COMPLETE)
each time you send a file it can't be no more then (2GB)
average session files can be any where from 50mb - 300mb
make sure that you compress/zip the full session folder and not only the session file inside the session folder …..i actually had a few artist send me just the session file and do to that i no audio folder the had to go back and resend me the full session folder….

That's it!!!!!

Send me a note through the contact button above.


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If your not satisfied, the job is on the house.

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