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120 sq mtrs recording studio and mixing and mastering facility near the Danish capital, Copenhagen. You're gonna experience a workflow that builds on your own ideals and visions of how you wanna sound. I Iisten - and I act - on your wishes. Being a drummer, I can provide any pro drum sound, you seek. Accommodations on premises.

I track YOUR sound for YOUR project and for YOUR pleasure - thus pleasuring your audience.

Efficiency, trust and big ears on your opinions and your music are key!

At my studio analogue and digital live side by side and enhance one another.

Key words are:

Pro Tools

Integrated digital and analogue workflows

Big analogue console

High end outboard gear (compressors, limiters, eq's etc.)

Big mic selection

Instrument amp selection

Instruments include:
Piano, organ, keys, synths, drums of any kind, bass, guitars, misc. handheld instruments, percussion and wind instruments.

Plug-ins of ANY kind!

Tell me about your project and how I can help, through the 'Contact' button above.

Terms Of Service

Feel free to contact me for further enquiries!

Gear Highlights
  • Gyraf G14 & G3
  • HCL VariS vari-mu
  • Soundtracs SOLO LOGIC 32 ch
  • Elberg MP2
  • Toft Audio ATC-2
  • Genelec 8050
  • Yamaha NS10
  • dbx 165
  • dbx 165a
  • WEM echo machine
  • Waves SSL 4000
  • URS API and NEVE
  • Nomad Factory
  • Wave Arts
  • Massey and much more!!!
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