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Hi my name is Leannoth. I’m an audio engineer who specializes in mixing and mastering. I have completed several projects that I am really blessed to be a part of, two of these project are: Parallel Lines by Lynda Szabo, video coming out on the full moon in march 2020 and my second project is called MADNESS by MailBoxx Music.

Ambitious audio engineer talented in recording, editing and mixing. Offering 5 years of comprehensive experience in DJing, also setting up, installing and maintaining audio equipment, including amplifiers, soundboard, microphones and loudspeakers. Excels at relationship-building, organization and making sound judgments under pressure and within tight deadlines. Calm, organized and capable of collaborating with colleagues and clients alike. In-depth knowledge of recording software, including Reaper and Logic Pro X

While in school, I worked hard to hone my mixing and composing skills. I am focused and attentive to detail when addressing high-volume task loads to meet deadlines. I am inspired by making a positive impact by applying teamwork and collaboration, my problem-solving abilities allow me to address challenges to achieve results.

My academic experiences have served me well in developing my proficiency in digital technology, and sound editing skills. I work well to use clear and concise communication to interact professionally with clients.

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