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Hi, I'm Arthur Eli, I'm a Mixing & Mastering sound engineer, Pro Bass Player, over 30 years of experience in the professional arena, all genres, good prices for great results, nice and communicative. You're most welcome to make a contact. All the best.

"..Meet Arthur Eli.
Arthur is a professional Live & Studio Bass Player, Mixing & Mastering Studio engineer and has been co-Producer for almost every project on which he was ever involved.
From 1987 until now he has worked with many artists on live shows, as a studio session player, as a producer and as a pro mixing and mastering engineer.
He was also one of the house band members for 12 years on very famous TV talk shows in Israel during the 90s - 2000s.
Arthur is known as an amazingly gifted musician & especially for his unbelievable unique talent in almost any kind of music, from Classical through pop & rock, Jazz and Ethnic, African, Rap Music ,Latin Trap and Reggaeton, Trance and Techno,Chill out, Heavy Metal ,Reggae, Funk and more.. he is also very well-known as a non-compromising personality who pushes hard to get the most high-end results as producer, sound engineer and bass player.
He has a unique intelligence and warm personality,
just a great guy and musician to work with.
Highly recommended!! .."

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

17 Reviews

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  1. Review by Yoni Madar
    by Yoni Madar

    Great musician! Great producer!

  2. Review by Alon Ronen
    by Alon Ronen

    Arthur is a super human musician who puts his full heart, soul, dedication and motivation into everything he creates, plays and does in the music arena.
    Keep it up !!!

  3. Review by Oren Frank
    by Oren Frank

    If you are looking for a perfect result and the best for your music Artur is perfect for it.

  4. Review by יואב בונצל
    by יואב בונצל

    Arthur has the best ears I have ever met.
    Wherever he lays his hands magic happens

  5. Review by Eran
    by Eran

    Great musician, great person!

  6. Review by Asi Meskin
    by Asi Meskin

    Arthur Eli is an excellent musicians for producer who has worked with many top musicians. I highly recommend his work! I have worked with Arthur and his professionalism and spirit have always been the backbone of everything he touches. He can turn any tune or idea you have into gold. 5 stars

  7. Review by Adir Bachar
    by Adir Bachar

    International player and producer
    Whoever works with you will win..!

  8. Review by Daniel Moore
    by Daniel Moore

    Arthur is unbelievable! people don't understand his level of talent because he's too deep and professional for most of us. Arthur isn't just an amazing mixing & mastering engineer (not to mention his unique bass playing) he is much more then that - he is a dedicated deep ARTIST!! everything he touches turns to gold.., but before all of that Arthur is first of all a great person and a decent man. don't just take my word, work with him you will see for yourself.

  9. Review by Israel Lee
    by Israel Lee

    There is no better then Arthur.
    Crème de la crème.
    Ultra Professional and a great person.

  10. Review by Stephane Nestel
    by Stephane Nestel

    One of the absolute MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can do as a record producer or artist is hire the best musical foundation possible. Truth is, Arthur Eli is one of the great bassists of our time . I’ve been honored to have him do work for me on my debut album , as well as live application, and he exceeded my expectations every time! With his skillful playing and ideas, he took my songs to another level.
    Great spirited guy , easy to work with, and ALWAYS giving more than what’s required. Hire Arthur to honor your craft!

  11. Review by Ariela Ehrens
    by Ariela Ehrens

    It is rare to meet a musician so well-versed in all types of music. Arthur truly embraces and understands classical, jazz, rock, ethnic, and more I'm sure. He's someone from whom you can learn. He is also very generous and humble about his abilities. Yes, he must promote himself in his biography, but this only touches a little of his accomplishments. He'll never mention that he can compose beautiful original melodies, so I will mention it here. I'm a fan of Arthur's bass playing on songs by Eliyahu Dagmi, a brilliant artist. If you work with Arthur, he will strive for perfection, no less.

  12. Review by Natalia Dvash
    by Natalia Dvash

    There is no words that really do justice with this huge talent and human being. I feel so lucky to know you Arthur! You play music with you heart and soul . I don’t know a lot of musicians that does that . You are one of a kind Arthur !

  13. Review by Ayal
    by Ayal

    Butiqe service...
    I had a great results and inspirative process.
    🙏 thx

  14. Review by Koby Klar
    by Koby Klar

    Arthur is just one of a kind!
    With a very unique approach, wide knowledge and a deep understanding in just about everything he does.
    His amazing touch on electric bass that glues the music together with the tightest groove you can imagine flavored with super melodic lines at just the right places.
    You can count on him that he will actually LISTEN to your song, hear what you wanted it to sound like and will get it there!
    You'll definitely going to get your music treated by a 1st class musician.

  15. Review by nisim tahar
    by nisim tahar

    genius!!!!! absoiutely great musician/ highly professional and honest man

  16. Review by Erez lev ari
    by Erez lev ari

    I've worked with Arthur for many years, both in live shows and also on my two studio albums, all i can say is that the results I got from Arthur definitely stood the test of time ...
    if your taking yourself seriously i highly recommend that you'd work with him. great results are guarntied.

  17. Review by Yossi V.

    The most professional bass player I've ever worked with
    Clean professional approach
    The payoff I received more than I paid
    The mix and mastering are also at the highest international level

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