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  1. Review by Lindsey Sweat
    by Lindsey Sweat

    Lexi is an incredible songwriter and vocalist. She is such a joy to work with! She is incredibly easy going, absolutely hilarious, and she creates magic! Her vocals are unique, dreamy, and powerful. The way that she emotes through her vocal performance is top notch. Anybody should want her vocals on their track! Anybody can sing, but not many can move people emotionally when they open up their mouth.Moreover, she has an incredibly singular songwriting style. You can hear her songwriting voice on what she creates, which is an incredibly difficult thing to do. She brings fresh heat to any track!

  2. Review by Cazz B.

    Lexi is the real deal. I've had the privilege of being in-studio with her, and her instincts are always super musical and modern and real (both melodically + lyrically). I'm a huge fan of her vocals...intimacy and warmth for days. Her BGVs are fantastic as well.

  3. Review by Chynna Sherrod
    by Chynna Sherrod

    HELLO HERE TO SAY LEXI IS EASILY MY FAVORITE PERSON TO WRITE WITH!! Always has soooo many ideas and is able to help you bring yours to life if you are struggling with finding the right words! Her energy is a 10/10 and she’s a joy to be around and work with. You’d be crazy to miss an opportunity to work with Lexi.

  4. Review by Abigail
    by Abigail

    Lexi is a STAR. I feel so lucky to get to co-write together. Her ability to capture a feeling with her songwriting & voice is un-matched! Anyone who get to work with Lexi should feel very lucky. She's also just a dope human who makes it fun to collaborate with!

  5. Review by Katy
    by Katy

    Lexi is SUCH a talented writer and vocalist that I've had the honor to work with for a few years now. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does more than anyone else I know. I think one of her greatest strengths is her ability to come up with unique melodies and lyrics that work perfectly in a song. She has such a beautiful, heavenly voice that has a distinct tone that you can recognize is hers the second you hear it on a track. Lexi is a great collaborator. Everyone I know that works with her as well always talks about how enjoyable it is. Book Lexi and I know she wont disappoint!

  6. Review by Hazel English
    by Hazel English

    Lexi is an incredible vocalist and songwriter. Working with her is such a dream as she is extremely enjoyable to work with and has a very keen intuition and pop sensibility. She has the voice of an angel and is super versatile in her style and range, I highly recommend her for whatever project you might need - she’s your gal!

  7. Review by Jordie Saenz
    by Jordie Saenz

    Lexi is an incredible artist in every regard: her lyrics poignantly capture the human experience; her on-stage and in-studio vocal performances are both full of artful passion and easily shine in any mix; and she has an impeccable ear for identifying that special mojo for taking a song to the next level. I’m honored to have been able to work so closely with Lexi.

  8. Review by McKenzie
    by McKenzie

    I am such a fan of everything that Lexi creates. Her project, Love You Later, takes you into a different world and truly shows you a part of her soul. It's so honest and lyrically over the top impressive. She constantly comes up with new sounds that have never been heard before. She's a top artist on my Spotify and constantly on repeat. I also know that she works on other projects including some sync projects which are SUCH good songs. Definitely perfect for the right placement opportunity- I hope she lands one soon. A fantastic person and a fantastic songwriter.

  9. Review by Gavyn Bailey
    by Gavyn Bailey

    I've known Lexi for the last 10+ years and watching her grow into the phenomenal songstress she is, has been such an honor. She has a way with melodies and lyrics unlike I've ever seen and can turn the worst of situations in life into the most beautiful songs. If you want to bring out the best in your music, hire Lexi to help make that happen!

  10. Review by Camden Mueller

    Lexi is amazing!! Such a great songwriter and vocalist! 10 out of 10 would recommend!