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I am an award-winning lyricist and composer. In 2019, I was the Grand Prize Winner of The John Lennon International Songwriting Competition in the jazz category. I have a PhD in Literature and Philosophy from Duke University. I love music. I love people. I love life.

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"The Price"


The spring is here and winter's still in my veins.
The sun can't shake the frost, and love's to blame.
People speak of passions running hot.
But they're the ones who haven't lost a lot.

All day the shadows whisper with your voice.
And then they dissipate, just like a choice.
Each choice is made and then it disappears.
Like stones in lakes where ripples last for years.


The cost, the price between hi and goodbye.
The pain, the thrill, the petal and the drill.
The sand, the sea, between what was and me.
The cost, the price, between our hopes and life.
The price.

"Didn't Want To" by David Freeman


I can't find a reason to hate you.
Though our shared memories are so unkind.
Time goes on, and the ghosts tend to cling to
what might have beens that echo through my mind.


Didn't we laugh?
Didn't we sing?
You can't live your life looking back.
Love does the strangest things.


I wanted to curse your smile today.
But I ended up saying I love you.
I wanted to burn it down, and walk away.
Cause I felt things I didn't want to.


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10 Reviews - 2 Repeat Clients

  1. Review by Tommie
    by Tommie

    Ballad really listens to your dream, and brings it to life. He listens not only to what you say, but what you can't say, and then he lets the music say it for you. He's a special talent. Thanks, Ballad!

  2. Review by Richard

    Another job. Another success. Awesome!

  3. Review by Richard

    I love working with Ballad. Just love it. I have a huge project. And we are completing it in a third of the projected time.

  4. Review by Julie
    by Julie

    A friend on Soundbetter recommended Ballad. He is everything people have mentioned and more - professional, kind, and talented. I selfishly wish I could keep his skills for my music alone, but the world needs to hear what he can do. Do yourself a favor; hire him. :)

  5. Review by Mustafa

    Ballad writes beautiful words, makes beautiful music, and has a beautiful spirit. Such a great overall experience. So professional. And so fast. Amazing.

  6. Review by Tommie
    by Tommie

    Ballad is an angel. He is so kind, so patient. He is also brilliant. I hope to work with him again and again. We had sooooo much fun!

  7. Review by Tommie
    by Tommie

    Ballad was amazing. I've always wanted a top-notch lyricist to take my projects to the next level. He listens so carefully to what you have in mind, asks insightful questions that help you clarify your own vision, and then he delivers, and boy, does he deliver! He is brilliant. So professional, and so unbelievably kind.

  8. Review by Richard

    Thank you again, B. I feel like this is the beginning of not only a great partnership, but a friendship as well. I don't know what else to say. This third song is stellar. You read my mind . . again!

  9. Review by Richard

    David ("Ballad") did it again. Gorgeous lyrics, full of complexity, feeling, nuance, and depth. And the melody he came up with is intoxicating. I am so, so, happy. The only thing more moving than David's talent is his humility. I literally think he has no ego. I asked for one change, and it was like he read my mind. This is our second project. There will be many more, God willing. I want to work with him as much as I can before he blows up and does not have time for me. Ha.

  10. Review by Richard

    Ballad is unbelievably talented. I sent him a jazz tune, not an easy one at that, and he delivered touching lyrics and a soulful melody in one hour - yes, one hour. No revisions necessary, and I have extremely high standards. I was speechless. May the musical gods forgive me for saying this, because the word is so overused today, but he is a genius. Simply put - a genius. I've been working in music for over 20 years, and I have maybe met two in my lifetime. Ballad is one of them, for sure.


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