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To make music

Young passionate 20 year old Cape Town born Producer and live DJ trying to for fill a dream of creating and playing his own style and music.

At age 15 he started to study music from a different perspective and setting himself to enter a journey on self taught knowledge over 5 years of trying to teach himself to be the best him he can be.

While he might be a fresh name to most, South African Producer Zandré van Zyl introduces himself to the Psytech/Dark Minimal Techno scene.

Setting himself out to create and play his own sound and stick to the true meaning of it. Using music as the only thing to fall back on in life it always showed him a better side of himself when everything els was in the worst.

Using raw emotion to create and really give off a feeling that is not repeatable and unique.

Passionately working on improving himself , blending different sounds and discovering new discoveries trying to create himself in his sounds.

Be the best you , you can be

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