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I've been in the music biz forever, making records, recording bands, producing, engineering, writing & playing in bands. I've learned from the best of the NW, LA and Nashville. Have innovated a few things and am now utilizing my newest 'The PJ stereo mic array' (mono approach to stereo) where everything is recorded in a stereo field & sounds real

Been collecting gear for ever too, have a great supply of vintage tube gear and modern digital. I have a hybrid setup with old tube mics, old compressors (and new), great api 'n Neve pre's going to modern digital recording gear.

I can record a full band basic, either the tried 'n true multi track way or with my new innovation of 'The PJ Stereo Mic Array', which uses a stereo set up in a stereo room with tuned and phased musical equipment placed in that field. in other words, it is a Motown type recording where all the musical equipment is set up and the clients just plug in and play. It is very fast because it is an ensemble recording of the basic with all instruments controllable, volume and EQ wise. Overdubs are much faster too with a rock'n bed inspiring greatness.

AKG small di. tube mics, old Neumann/(RFT) tube mics, lots of stereo ribbons and the usual suspects too. Old and new tube compressors, some non tubed too. Many channels of API 'n Neve mic pres. Vintage Pacifica VX drums W/Keplinger steel snare and old cymbals. 2 '60's Fender Showman single 15' bass amps. Tons of 6 volt 15 watt guitar amps from the 50' and 60's (Killer sounds). A 'Holy Grail' Hammond 'D' W/3 speed Lesslie. Creating a SoundMachine that has no rivals...

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Gear Highlights
  • AKG small di. tube mics
  • old Neumann/(RFT) tube mics
  • lots of stereo ribbons and the usual suspects too.
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