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Living & Breathing Audio Masters Worldwide

: : . High-level . : :

- Multi-genre expert

- Mastered 100+ commercial releases worldwide into stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Beatport, etc...

- Many tracks have achieved Top 100 chart rankings and plays on terrestrial (FM) radio stations worldwide.

- If you want current commercial grade loudness and analog warmth while keeping your dynamics in tact, then please contact GDR Audio Mastering Services!

: : . Prices . : :

The Industry Standard @ $50 USD each.

The Surgery (Stem Mastering or equivalent amount of time/work) @ $100 USD each.

Full EP (4 track minimum) @ $45 USD each and $25 for each and every revision.

Full Album (8 track minimum) @ $40 USD each and $20 for each and every revision.

If Surgery is required for your full EP or Album, then approximately $80/each.

: : . Additional Services . : :

Phone support @ $50 per track (Max one-time 15 minute call). Sometimes, mix engineers/artists would like to speak to a live person with any special requests that may be hard to describe via email.

Mixing advice @ $50 per track (Max one-time 15 minute call). Sometimes, mix engineers/artists would like specific mixing advice to improve their mix to ensure the best master possible with us.

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.

16 Reviews

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  1. Review by Ruth
    by Ruth

    GDR brought to life very old recordings from an old audio tape. The mono sounds became powerful stereo. The work was professional and fast, while GDR accepted feedback and made required changes.
    I am very happy with the results :)

  2. Review by Michael A.

    Very good sounding Master

  3. Review by Ronnue R.

    I had a extremely positive experience with GDR Audio Mastering. The engineer I worked with actually called me to get a complete understanding of what I wanted in my master . He asked for examples. He gave me a time-frame and completed it before the deadline. When I got it back it was everything we discussed .

  4. Review by 2 M.
    by 2 M.

    Had an absolute blast working with GDR Audio Mastering Services.
    They are extremely professional, easy-going, and delivered an high quality end product. Highly recommend working with them!

  5. Review by Dru
    by Dru

    GDR was very professional and Mastered my song perfectly. Quick turnaround time as well!

  6. Review by Evan V.

    It was great working with GDR! They were very informative and understanding of my needs. I look forward to sending more work their way :)

  7. Review by Terry Jasinto
    by Terry Jasinto

    I used GDR for the first time recently and I not only loved the results, but most importantly the communication and education around my mastering needs. It’s nice to feel like part of the mastering process rather than it being a service where you just hand off your work to someone and not hear from them until the work is complete. GDR is the opposite of that. The turn around time was great too. I’m planning on sending GDR more mastering work in the future.

  8. Review by Andy Horizont

    Work with him since 2014. And I must say about his feelings in mastering work. When I send premaster I'm expecting for something "that" sound. And every time I get this "that" sound which I imagination. Accurate, precision and open-breathe sound. Really analog warmth adding new colors in mix. Independing from style all work dones great and I exciting from my self-producing tracks again. Recommend

  9. Review by Dixie Moo
    by Dixie Moo

    I've had a few tunes mastered by GDR now and I have to say without doubt they deliver the best mastering quality around! they're so friendly to deal with and so easy going!! I hope we work together for many years to come !!

  10. Review by Simon Van Roose
    by Simon Van Roose

    My track "Madness" Will be released soon by them they did a great job on the mastering.
    I'm a Belgian producer "QYMΛT"

    Very proud of the proffesional team of GDR

  11. Review by Adrian Morton
    by Adrian Morton

    Highly Recommended

  12. Review by Kuru
    by Kuru

    I was absolutely stunned by the difference between my first renderings and my mastered tracks, GDR audio will highlight your frequencies and separate the muddy ones out, giving you t hat professional, commercial sound that fans know and love!

  13. Review by Perpacity
    by Perpacity

    We use GDR Audio Mastering Services because we can´t find a better alternative.
    Deliver a proper adapted mix and you´ll get a top notch professionally produced Master of highest quality back and this at a ridiculously reasonable price.
    Very generous with input and general pointers also.
    Professional people with extremely fine-tuned ears at work.

  14. Review by J Take
    by J Take

    If to your tracks seem to miss something then you just need a magic touch of GDR Audio Mastering Service. The quality of my tracks is become really high and the bass pumps in a way that i can't believe it may happening. The service deserve 5 stars !

  15. Review by Paul V.

    I recently had my latest track mastered by GDR Audio Mastering and I was blown away with the result. Not only was the final outcome professionally polished, but they even were able to remove barely perceptible clicks and pops that only a true audiophile would hear. Outstanding level of professionalism, quality control and customer service.

  16. Review by David Smith
    by David Smith

    GDR Audio Mastering mastered my last 4 albums. They did a great job at a great price. It really made my music sound amazingly better. They are very good at optimizing for today's playback environment of downloading and streaming on to mobile devices as well. I cannot recommend them highly enough and plan to use them for my future releases.

GDR Audio Mastering Services A/B Test Feat. Queen - We Will Rock You (Remastered). [00:00] A) Original Master - Queen - We Will Rock You. [02:09] B) GDR Audio Master - Queen - We Will Rock You (Remastered). Clearer, louder, and more "Live" sound.

I was the Mastering Engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

Before submission, please make sure the loudest part of your song (peak level) is around -3db to -5db below 0db with your mastering chain turned off, along with payment.

Gear Highlights
  • 1176LN
  • Ampex ATR-102
  • Apogee Soundcard
  • EMT 140
  • EP-34 Tape Echo
  • Fairchild
  • Melodyne
  • Neve 88RS
  • Precision Limiter
  • Pultec-Pro
  • RealVerb-Pro
  • SSL 4000
  • Studer A800
  • Teletronix LA-2A
  • Universal Audio
  • Yamaha Monitors
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First time customers get 1 $30 single master (Get $20 off of $50). For EPs and full albums, please inquire.