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Session Vocals/Keyboards

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I'm just a guy trying to find his way in the world through song. With over five years of vocal training, almost a decade of trombone training, and teaching myself keyboards and percussion, I use this knowledge to create my sound. I do nothing by the books and everything from the heart.

I have been composing music for 9 years, writing lyrics for 4 years, and recording music for almost 2.
My vocal training goes back over 7 years, and I have an extensive range, with my full voice extending from G2 to C5, and my falsetto extending from A3 to G5. My vocal style is largely influenced by the likes of Freddie Mercury, Steve Perry, Jon Anderson, and Myles Kennedy.
I am largely self-taught on keyboards and bass guitar, with about 3 years on both. My style on keyboards is that of a background role, mainly influenced by Jonathan Cain and Freddie Mercury, usually tracking a more complex melody afterwards, like Steve Walsh. My style on bass is influenced by Chris Squire, Ross Valory, and John Deacon.
I am an avid fan of multitracking when I record. In other words I prefer creating a large choral effect with my vocals and occasionally instruments, which you can hear in my audio sample.
For lyric writing, I am influenced most by Mark Tremonti and Eddie Vedder, writing songs of introspective nature.
It is always my utmost concern to finish the most immediate work I have, and I will be as cordial as possible with any and all customers.

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Alive by Robbie Brown

I was the Singer, Keyboardist, Bassist in this production

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