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I´m a mix/mastering engineer, musician and educator, who wants to bring to you that final high end sound, artistic touch and inmersive nearly "espiritual" experience before go out to the world. Blending science, knowledge and empathy with the subjective vision of music and making it real into your ears.

Manuel Restrepo, Mastering & Mixing engineer, Acoustic Designer and Magister in Education (M.Ed), with more than 20 years involve in Music and Production.

After years of being living with the music, doing guitar sessions and performing, recording, producing, working as a live sound engineer and many other jobs on the field. I realize that the most joyfull field for me was that incredible moment to be part of the final cut of the process (Engineer), and be also the first audience (Audiophile) on the production of a record, fulfilling and bringing the final polish to the artist with all of the feel and soul of their music.

I had the the opportunity to work with many national and international artist like Dayme Arocena, Grupo Bahia & Hugo Candelario, Espiral7, Kike Purizaga, SIAM, Arturo Gabbedon, Jaque Reina, La Mambanegra, Kiko Castro, Tony Succar, Superlitio, and many other artists.

That´s why i'd decided start my own studio, dedicated to Mixing & Mastering, taking the best of the analog and digital audio world to the table. My philosophy of work starts on the empathy and investigation that you have to make with any cultural representation and make it work with science, revealing the natural meaning of the artist, looking for the soul of the recording and mixing process of a project. Is all about sound, language and meaning.

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Gear Highlights
  • Manley
  • Crane Song
  • Neumann
  • Universal Audio (UAD)
  • Apogee
  • Solid State Logic
  • Camilo Silva
  • Beyer Dynamic.
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