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Music Producer, Strategist

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If you're looking for that authentic Hip-Hop, Soulful, Jazzy, New York sound...You're in the right place !! I've been working with artists around the world like the best rapper in France Tito Prince or one of the best rappers in Morocco Nessyou. I can create music for your Rap/R&B song with soulful/jazzy flavor with or without sampling.

A song is a collaborative project that should respect each the artistic identity of each contributor. Finding the middle ground between me and the artist I'm working with is my approach. I put a lot of attention to the artist's music, and I expect the same from the artist before contacting me, so he/she can have an idea about my touch.

My experience with sampling classic music, specifically Soul and Jazz, and my academic studies of music theory, made me able to compose the soulful and jazzy melodies, I even released Jazz and Soul instrumental tapes for my fans "Check me out on major streaming platforms". Sampling has always been the main ingredient of the original Hip-Hop sound in both styles Rap and R&B, so I had to learn how to make that sound on my own...but I still enjoy sampling if an artist has a specific sound to use, I got him/her.

Music production is not my only specialty, I am also a strategist doing consulting in strategy and marketing for firms and artists. Making the music for your song is not the only benefit you get, I can advise on your projects and your career and share my knowledge in terms of business, humbly with no extra cost.

Listen to my music, and if you want my flavor in your track, reach me to discuss the project and collaborate while respecting the constraints of time and budget.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.


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