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Music Producer

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i write music to tell my story and i convey my emotions through it

My music can be defined as not easily understood so the name paradox ,i like to blend genres together and also blend ethnic style with electronic music.
- self-made producer songwriter mixing engineer for 3 years
-i can produce various edm genrs like dubstep, trap , future house, future bass, hip hop pop rap and also film music
- can mix songs with good amount of headoom , create space for instruments,keep the dynamics chekced and under control,create track to be listened on all environment
- i use cubase 10 pro yamaha HS'5 moniters, a audiotechnica headphones
-can master songs with perfect loundess for streaming platforms ,good stereo balance, frequency balance ,dynamics under control

if you are interested be sure to leave a message and we can work together
I also provide a turn around time of 2 days

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Livin the place behind by paradox music

I was the Composer,Mixing engineer,mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

i provide 2-3 revisions
2 day turn-around time
no additional costs

Gear Highlights
  • Cubase 10 pro
  • Yamaha hs5
  • audio technica headphones
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