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Recording Studio, Mixing & Mastering Hub, Production house. DTH studios is located in Moscow at the very provocative facility of Elektrozavod. The studio, considered by many as a movement, is now open for projects all over the world.

DTH Studios is one of the tips of the iceberg of the Russian modern music scene. Built as a collective venture of 10 of musicians and sound engineers, in the past 7 years DTH has been crafting and building its position in the Moscow/Russian music space. Now a days DTH operates a very influential studio & rehearsal base that's mostly centered around Experimental, Punk, Post Hardcore, Hardocre, Grindcore, Post Metal, Noise Rock, Mathcore, Avanguarde, Abstract, Electronica, Doom, Stoner, Post-Rock, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Art Pop, among others.

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