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Song Writer/Vocalist/Guitar

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We're Identical Twins who have been writing song lyrics for about 10 years. We have been performing and recording music for over 5 years. We specify in Hip/Hop, Alternative Rock, and Reggae. We also have a few years of experience playing the Guitar, Piano, Ocarina, and Native American flute.

We officially started our career in music in Kent, Ohio while attending university. We performed all around the northeast Ohio area for the past 5 years and around Erie PA. We hosted our own radio show through Black Squirrel Radio, and have helped organize and put together several concerts and music festivals. We got invited by one of our favorite artists, Cisco Adler, to come out to Malibu, CA last year to help out his Cocoon Malibu project which is a creative incubator for upcoming artists, as well as a place for artists, bands, producers, etc to collaborate with each other and to perform with a beachside view in their "lighthouse" sessions.

We love meeting and collaborating with new artists and experimenting with various new sounds and styles! Our music is often rooted in helping people through the hard times, inspiring and uplifting people, storytelling, spreading love, emphasizing the beauty and mystery of nature, and spreading thought-provoking conscious lyrics. It's amazing to see how music can bring so many people together, and help heal those who are struggling! Truly is a medium beyond language to connect with all people and with all of life. Grateful to have had so many powerful experiences and opportunities to work with so many artists, and to inspire and be inspired by so many amazing people through music.Excited to continue the journey and see what lies ahead!

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Weight Of The World (BY: Boundless SpiriT)

I was the Singer/Lyricist/Rapper in this production

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