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I’ve been playing piano and singing since the age of five recently going out the comfort zone and trying different genres they include R&B Motown rock ballads trance EDM and my son routine has significantly improved Life experiences doesn’t matter for 10 people or 10,000 conforming to always be grateful never steal anybody else’s limelight

I haven’t done a life taking years although I have learnt a lot Internet connect a comfort zone trying different genres for example I can crossover U2 beautiful day Then quite simply doing what are you Carey song that your history boys to men Coldplay Marvin Gaye sent was even musicals buy some writing has improved I don’t have a lot of equipment but I am hungry and inspired I would be grateful if you don’t enjoy it don’t bother as a gift my parents give me a gift and I have to use that to the best of my ability because it helps with my mental health my anxiety without music I will be non-existent so you’re on willing to work hard to get back with you putting never get big And remain humble and be teachable take criticism as a so if you help get out there in achieving an entertaining and inspiring and to be inspired

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I will be honest I have no expertise in the financial gain One slot at night couple of hours at least £300. Depends on the size of the Audience or venue is there any help what ever needs doing

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  • Sam Moore with Mariah Carey & Vince Gill
  • Johnny Legend
  • Bono
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