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-I am looking to provide my writing services to artists with a vision, looking for help making it come to life. If this interests you, please Reach out with a detailed description of the vision you are looking to come to life. Be specific with the sound You are looking for musically and the story you're looking to portray. I need to feel it.

What's up everyone!

-I'm Chris and I've been writing songs for 10+ years and playing guitar for over 15.

I specialize in the rock/hard rock genre, but am open minded and willing to delve into other genres if I can feel the vision.

Below is a link of my work in the name Sanity Recall (Also on Apple Music, Spotify & all major platforms. I wrote all music, lyrics and recorded guitar/ vocals

My services-

Below is what I charge per song.

Guitar -$75

If you have an already fully written song that you would like to record a demo of, I will record your for $200/ song.

Send me a note through the contact button above.