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  1. Review by Samuel Lizarralde

    Best Mixes I had. Been working with Fernando for a long time, every time he sends me his Mixes I find myself overwhelmed by his sound.

  2. Review by Kyle Lowen

    By far, the most talented mixing engineer I have worked with and will continue to work with.
    Fernando is extremely professional, humble and dedicated to his work, producing the best quality product one could ever ask for!

    I never have to wait too long for a revision and Fernando will always give advice and suggestions when requested which can be really helpful.

    Aside of this, the quality of the mixes themselves are to an exceptionally high standard.
    I would very much recommend Fernando as your mixing engineer.

  3. Review by Lucrezia
    by Lucrezia

    Fernando has been my mixing engineer since late 2019. His level of professionalism is beyond incredible. He works very fast and I usually get my mixes within 1-2 days from the day that the pre mix is sent. I tend to always expect great mixes from Fernando and he always, ALWAYS exceeds my expectations !! Amazingly talented guy and extremely easy to work with!

    I absolutely recommend Fernando to everyone.

  4. Review by Dasin
    by Dasin

    Fernando has been my go-to mixing engineer since 2019 and every mix I get back comes back shockingly good! Fernando Reyes is by far one of the most advanced, talented and well knowledgeable Mixers I have ever had the pleasure of working with and I will continue to refer all my artists to him.

    I have no doubt that Fernando is a pioneer in leading this generation of Mixers. He is your guy.