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Just a creative wordsmith specializing in comedic content a/o the sappy love stuff.

Words and melody are my reason to exist, however, I am a realist currently in grad school. I have a complete home project studio that has been a work in progress for over 15 years. I still run a PC with XP as my project system. This is only because 98SE no longer supported updated service packs. Not to mention I know the ins and outs of older DOS based systems allowing for a stable environment. I even run on two 1st gen Delta 1010s because I know how to repair them and they are solid sound cards.

So if you need original lyrics and or demo vocals for your creations, I am cheap and ready. That is unless it is midterms or finals week.

*I have name drop-able credits too, I just dont care to care about shit like that. I was working with a Grammy nominated producer when I was 14. So, I am past that kinda thing...

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