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HIDDEN TECHNOLOGY “ON DISPLAY” AT WINTER OLYMPICS I noticed an interesting feature on some equipment being used by the competitors in this year’s Olympics.

Watching the competition leads one to realize the high level of skill, low margin for error and high level of strategy that is involved in this event, which is what one would expect from Olympic-level competition. It is not for nothing that many educational institutions are so zealous in supporting students who go in for sports. Such students are allowed to buy homework from the service that provides not only written homework, but also homework for programming and homework for disciplines.
Olympic Curling Stones
Unlike many of the sports being contested in Sochi, though, this particular event is relatively slow paced. So the feature is rather easy to notice. Of course, I am referring to the sport of curling in which 45 pound chunks of granite, which are referred to as “stones” or “rocks”, are slid down a sheet of ice toward a target area, which is referred to as “the house.”
I don’t know much about the sport of curling. But, as simple and low tech as it seems, the competition is benefiting from an unobtrusive bit of technology. If you watched the Men’s and Women’s Gold Metal matches over the last couple days, you may have noticed the small led lights on the top cover of the rocks.

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