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Aight so boom. Picture this dude has been making music for 6 years, is currently in the literal only hands-on recording tech college course in America, has sung gospel, opera, soul and chamber, played classical and jazz trombone, and won hella talent shows from rapping. Now picture this dude can offer his services to you-yes YOU online, for the LOW

I was told by Kurt Clayton that Memphis artists are notorious for having "That Thang". I identify said "Thang" as a culmination of learned skills and inherent talent, coupled with the elusive "it" factor. In English, what I just said was having "That Thang" makes you a badass. "That Thang" began to manifest itself in my life when I attended the Stax Music Academy at age 16 and learned the strengths of Performance, Production and Identity. And when I shined in my internship at Memphis Slim House the following two summers, it reared its head again.

"That Thang" is like The Force: Equal parts tool and deity. "That Thang" is what guided me throughout my high school years. It's what brought me to Stax Music Academy, the Memphis Jazz Workshop, Opera Memphis, the Memphis Music Initiative and beyond, all with the intention of cultivating it and making "That Thang" more powerful. See, it's something that you have, but it's also something that takes work to train.

What does any of this have to do with my services and experience? Well I'm glad you asked, prospective money-spender! "That Thang" is continuing to evolve. I'm continuing to learn. I can keep bs-ing about those "qualifications" all day, but the fact is that if I'm gonna keep improving, I need WORK. That is why I'm here. That is why I'm cheap. So if you need some mixing done or a beat made, hit me up. I got "That Thang".

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Terms Of Service

Payment up front. If more convenient, half upon request and half upon completion. Typical turn-around time is one day per song.

Gear Highlights
  • Waves Complete 2018
  • Digidesign C24
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