Elvira Pena Pena

Podcast, Dialogue Editor

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Experienced audio editor and audio production specialist for your Shortfilm, Podcast or AudioBook! Great proficiency in Audio Cleaning and Restoration with the iZotope RX Audio Editor and ProTools software.

I am a sound designer based in San Diego, California. I am a graduate from the International School of Film and Television (Cuba) in 2011, with an MFA in Sound Design and Engineering.
I have almost 10 years of work experience in Sound Production Recording. Boom Mic, Sound Postproduction (Audio Edition, Sound Design, Foley, ADR, Sound FX, Mixing and Mastering. I've produced radio commercials, television promos, and Podcasts.
I specialize in:
- Audio Editing (cleaning up dialogue, removing unwanted noises)
- Audio Mixing (EQ, compression, limiting, panning, automation…
- Restoration (noise cancellation, reverb treatment, volume balancing…)
- Sound Design (creatively & strategically insert sound effects & musical elements to create atmosphere, stir emotions & captivate your audience)
If you’re interested in AudioBooks or Podcast Editing/mixing services: With careful attention to pace, rhythm and flow, I reveal the life of your narration, helping it to breath naturally.
I’ll collaborate with you to ensure your project is produced correctly, on time and on budget. I deliver my work only when it's perfect!
You send me the raw .wav file(s) with the description of what needs to be done, and I'll send you the edited audio in .wav format.
Please contact for full quote.

Send me a note through the contact button above.

Terms Of Service

2 Revisions.
After that, $10 for every revision.

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