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Programming language and libraries

Programming language and libraries
Here we would like to show you the example of how you can program apps - do my programming homework . Once you understand the basics of programming, it's the easiest thing ever!
It is important that you now switch to the programming language with which you want to program your first app. Here you should learn the steps that are necessary to program your app.
The programming language and the operating system
If you want to create an app - - you have to decide on a programming language and learn the basic elements in that language first.
If you want to develop for Android, your next language is Java. Android is Google's operating system for mobile computers.
Quasi the Windows for your smartphone. Just as you can program for Windows applications, you can program for Android apps. Java is the language for Android.
If you prefer to create apps for the iPhone, the operating system is iOS and the language you have to learn is Swift or Objective-C.
Classes and objects
What you haven't learned yet are classes and objects.
All modern programming languages nowadays use - do my homework . Classes and objects are part of object-oriented programming.

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