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  1. Review by Rikki Porter
    by Rikki Porter

    Zach is a true professional and it was such a pleasure working with him! We were able to develop two amazing compositions together. His musical range and knowledge of pitches and frequencies made him extremely useful when fine tuning the mood of both pieces.

    I highly recommend Zach for your next project!

  2. Review by Arkady Zilberman, producer
    by Arkady Zilberman, producer

    I started working with Zach not too long ago on the recommendation of very professional musicians. I am very grateful for such a recommendation, because I get a highly professional job from Zach. The results of his work are very good taste. I don't often see this quality in the profession. And even more rare is the lack of professional snobbery, even with those who need advice and guidance.

  3. Review by Luciano Minetti
    by Luciano Minetti

    My colleagues and I have nothing but amazing things to say after working with Zach on mixing and mastering a sound track for a KORG synthesizer commercial. He did an exceptional job with the mixing and mastering process and also added valuable musical enhancements and suggestions throughout the project.

    Zach is professional, efficient, easy to communicate with, and has the necessary talent to bring valuable improvements to any project. He also went above and beyond to complete the project in a short amount of time to meet our deliverable. Looking forward to the next project!

  4. Review by Melissa
    by Melissa

    I've worked with Zach both as a vocalist on one of his projects and on a remix of one of my band's songs. He is innovative, extremely musically talented and detail oriented. You want to work with him.

  5. Review by Patricia
    by Patricia

    Zach edited and engineered a complicated music video for my company. His attention to detail, ability to ask the right questions, timeliness and professionalism were extraordinary. We will absolutely work with him again.

  6. Review by Varya
    by Varya

    I am very pleased to recommend Zach. I've had great experiences with Zach's work. We have worked together on my music for a foreign film and a music album project. He did a brilliant job mixing and mastering. He did all the work on schedule. He is a pleasure to work with...A Real Professional.

  7. Review by Arianna Neikrug
    by Arianna Neikrug

    I’m a jazz singer and songwriter and have worked with Zach several times on a variety of projects. I’m always impressed by his ability to bring out the textures and specific qualities of my voice. He has an impeccable ear, an extraordinarily refined skill set, and can work in any genre. He’s also a gifted and sensitive musician/composer with a ton of heart. A joy to work with!

  8. Review by Lee Vinsel
    by Lee Vinsel

    Zach recorded vocal tracks for an indie rock album I sang on. He did an excellent job in all stages of the process. I found him to a patient, caring, and skilled sound engineer, and he also did an excellent job checking the audio files for any quality issues and getting them to me in a timely fashion. I would absolutely work with him again in a heartbeat.

  9. Review by Thiel
    by Thiel

    I approached Zach for help with mastering my very first home recording project, and he immediately understood what I was going for. He supported my creative vision the whole way through and brought out the best in my recordings.

  10. Review by Blake
    by Blake

    Zach is a top notch engineer! He's versatile, skilled, and he respected my artistic wishes. I would work with Zach again in a second.