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ARTICEL is a passion; an obsession for top quality lyrics that will last for generations. I believe the power of a song is determined by it's lyrical content and that each line is a declaration of the artist's self perception.

This is not about creating the momentary God of a one hit wonder, or a tune that dances across your radio burning brightly before sweeping it's ashes to the pyre of yesterday with a nostalgic sigh.
ARTICEL sculpts songs that tell a story, lines that connect with the listener on an intellectual level as well as emotional. I'm not just writing for your ears I'm writing for your heart and for the heart of the next generation.
Your lyrics are the flames in people's desire, the ink in their tattoo guns, the songs they'll sing over and again at a thousand different gigs and parties!
And my passion? It's to ensure the crowd will sing along as fervently as possible, without tripping over their tongues.

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Any and all songs written by ARTICEL are subject to 5% royalty payment

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