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Nicknamed the Queen of Fusion, the Voice of the Congo River and sometimes even the Golden Voice, Fanie Fayar is an author, composer, dancer and performer.

Fanie Fayar is a talented, experienced and very close-knit singer. Gold medalist in song at the 8th Francophonie Games Abidjan-2017, laureate of the 2021 Afro Pépite Show and Knight of the Order of National Merit. Fanie Fayar is an artist who draws on her origins and tradition by making her powerful voice from the Congo River resonate with Pygmy and African polyphonies. She is a singing teacher and plays traditional instruments such as: the sanza, the balafon, the ndara and the tam-tam.
Fanie Fayar is also known for her boundless energy and surprising voice, all of which creates an extraordinary alchemy on stage.
An accomplished artist in a universe of which she alone has the secret. With this style born from the combination of some African rhythms (Afro), the folk of the Congolese soil, Pygmy and African polyphonies, American funk, English pop, varieties and African-American soul, rock, the all creating an extraordinary universe entitled "Nsangi Groove-Soul".
She is illustrated in the "Nsangi Groove-Soul" a combination of Congolese, African rhythms with pop, funk, rock, jazz and soul sounds. With her eclectic music, Fanie Fayar knows how to mix sweetness, groove and emotion.

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