Johnny Ragin

Mixing and Mastering Engineer

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I'm a mixing and mastering engineer based out of Atlanta, where the traffic is really bad, but the coffee is really good. I mix all my projects out of my private studio where I run a fully hybrid analog/digital setup which combines the very best of classic vintage and boutique new gear.

I offer mixing and mastering services for clients across a variety of rock/pop genres. I've worked with bands and artists who play stages as diverse as Warped Tour all the way to American Idol Top 20 contestants. I specialize in a punchy, in your face sound that's completely radio-ready. I use a selection of boutique analog outboard gear to give your mix or master the warmth, punch, and clarity that modern music needs. Above all, I'm interested in building relationships with artists and bands. Mixing and mastering are never just a job, they're an important part of the artistic process, and I want to help you as an artist realize your goal of having an incredible sounding recording. You've worked hard writing and recording your music, now I want to work equally hard to bring your project together and make it sound amazing.

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Gear Highlights
  • Retro Instruments 176
  • Purple Audio MC77
  • Empirical Labs Distressor
  • UBK Fatso
  • Allan Smart C1-LA
  • Purple Audio Action
  • Inward Connections Brute Limiter
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