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theFIXintheMIX studio is a highly dynamic and adaptable creative suite available and suited to but not limited to: Music producers, DJs, musicians, vocal coaches, singers & songwriters. Would also be an excellent place for photographers & videographers to work and play as there is equipment and space for shooting and editing.

The Fix In The Mix Studio Services

Pre Production
We prefer to first of all. Get to know your goals and expectation of your tracks.
Lets talk about how you envision your songs to be heard.

Our staff has experience in most genres of music. EDM, Rock, Future, Rap, Hip Hop, to Funk, Jazz and Big Band.
We can accommodate for a full drum kit although for that ear splitting drum sound we use an offsite room to track these.
You can feel confident with our experience and wide range of software and hardware tools we can achieve the sound best for the song.

If your tracks are already recorded, we can bring everything together in a professional sounding mix that will suit your style.
With our experience, wide range of processing and sample libraries we aim to work together for the best sounding product.

Post Production and Editing.
If you need to add that extra sheen on your track: drum replacement, vocal tuning or producing. Let us assist.

We have a green screen in the studio with appropriate film lighting if you wish to capture the moments in real time. You can walk out with a full package for reasonable rates.

Contact me through the green button above and let's get to work.

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