Ashish Bandral

an Ammature Lyricist

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1.Abstract Dissonance ( Multisyllabic Format, Abstract/Introspective/Stream of Consciousness Style) My First Song I have Written Need help in the other departments or someone interested to buy or work on with me its totally authentic and unique 2.Shame ( Got Chorus too /Introspective) The Second Song I had written in a different format although

Why hire is just bcuz imma authentic as fuck and ma "Abstract Dissonance" Is Groundbreaking and highly innovative style whether you believe it or not full of encrypted interpretations, obscure references, abstract and ambiguous :) as the name says. I won't say much more than that my work would say out loud rather than the Facadial sugar coated words I would type here for tempting you to buy it. My words of choice in that are highly idiosyncratic as ma personality :) , Just need help to get the recognition I deserve...

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