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I will professionally mix and master your song giving high quality service.

Hi I 'am Vinz a professional music producer. I will provide audio related high quality services.

What I need from you:
*Genre of music
*Reference: (If it has one)
*a demo or a current version of what you have now
*audios/stems, all in wav/aif
*mention your inquiries about the mix and request of some effects specifically you want (Give Reference if Possible)

What I do in Mixing
*Timing Correction (Vocal and Layered Vocals), to be perfect and tight.
*Vocal Cleaning (if needed)
*Vocal Tuning, anyway you like (If needed, and if you would like it to be used) ( if as an effect give reference if possible)
*Level Balancing
*Compression (Bus, Parallel, mix)
*Add effects (Reverb, Delay and more)
*Multiband Compression
*Provide Wide Stereo Image
*Created Automation (Volume, effects)

*Create wide stereo image
*Enhancing the mixed version
*Matching the master loudness to industry/ Streaming services' parameters.

What you'll get:
Professionally mixed and mastered radio ready track in 24 bit WAV and 320kbps mp3 format.

Extra Services:
Sending Mixed Stems or Multi-Track $5 Per Song

Would love to hear from you. Click the contact button above to get in touch.


  • English
Sulat by Adriel

I was the mastering engineer in this production

Terms Of Service

About This Gig
Mixing And Mastering Services

I will do Radio ready and streaming services ready Mixing & Mastering

*3 to 4 days delivery time

*3 revisions

*Up to 20 stems

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