Kyle Sorensen

Mixing Engineer

Kyle Sorensen on SoundBetter

Mixing Engineer who goes above and beyond in customer service. Before mixing begins, I offer a FREE consultation where I will open up your song and describe the process of how I would mix your song if you decide to continue building a working relationship with me.

What's the most important part of a song? Is it the vocals? Snare? Maybe it's the way the bass and kick drum are mixed in relation to each other? No, the most important part of the song is EMOTION. That's where your music needs to shine, and you're looking for a mixing engineer to help you get there. My role in this process is simple: find the emotion that you're trying to convey as an artist, and figure out a way to enhance it. No, I don't have an extensive credits list like everyone else here, but if you're looking for someone who understands just how thoroughly music is capable of conveying emotion, I'm your guy.

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