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Bass Player/Mixer/MIDI

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You need a track for Pop, Blues, Rock or Metal song? You're in the right place! I can give you the right bass track with all your request: "Smoothie Track?" "Play with pick" "C'mon more distortion!!" "I need a solo here" "I want more groove" . . . . NO PROBLEM!

Hi, i'm Marco from Rome and i'm here to offer you a great bass track for your song.
I got the instrument for all kind of music, from Metal to Blues passing through Pop, Rock, Funk and Soul.

I got a lot of experience in the studio with some band of the area. I've recorded the bass tracks of their single, following all the requests and they're so satisfied!

-MusicMan Stingray Classic 4-Strings
-Yamaha TRB 1005 5-Strings
-Yamaha TRB 1006 6-Strings

AKG D112

TC Electronic BH500 with 2 Cabinet BC210/BC212
Mark Bass CMD 121P
Pedalboard: TC Electronic SpectraComp, MXR EQ 10Band, MXR Modified OD, MXR Blow Torch, Boss Flanger

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Gear Highlights
  • MusicaMan StingRay Classic 4 Strings
  • Yamaha TRB 1005
  • TC Electronic BH500 with Cabinet BC212
  • Mark Bass CMD 121P
  • AKG D112
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