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Singer, Musical Artist, Pop Music

As a teenager, she had a great interest in singing, which led her to learn music in the artistic city of Isfahan and participate in Farzaneh Bakhshi's singing class, then at the age of 18 to study under Professor Nahid Daei Javad (radio singer). In 2007 she emigrated from Iran to achieve her goals and aspirations. In 2019, a space was provided for her to seriously fulfill this wish and interest ... . Taghdir ,The emotional song of the first official music video of this singer published and entered the Iranian music market, which soon gained praise from many audiences and music lovers. . This effort continued until the next music video called "Bebin ki injast" entered the market as the second song. A happy music with the same 6-8 nostalgic rhythm . This song also succeeded at its own level and received very good downloads. Shortly afterwards, she produced a third piece of music called "Hoviyat" and entered the music market that it was selected and broadcasted as the title sequence of a foreign series on GEM TV. because of the beauty of the song and performance. . This effort, by getting good feedback from the audience, caused her to quickly prepare and produce the fourth music called "Tavan", which, after reviewing the experts and believers, was again chosen as the title sequence of a Turkish series on the same satellite TV. . The fifth work is different from the previous 4 ones

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