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Japanese Shamisen Player

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Here to share authentic Japanese sounds and create with artists around the world. I have a strong passion for Japanese cultural music and believe in the wonders of sharing it. I hope to be able to connect, share, and expand by working with global artists here!

The third iemoto of Nagauta Kineya Style Yakichi School (長唄杵屋流弥佶派)
Graduate of Tokyo University of Arts, Department of Japanese Music

Past projects and experiences :
- Performing for Their Majesties the Emperor and Empress (2008),
- Perform at the opening ceremony of the China–Japan–South Korea Trilateral Summit held in Fukuoka(2008),
- Performed in Boston at the Berklee College of Music as part of the Kabuki Academy,
- Invited by the Chinese Government to perform at Beijing Great Hall of the People,
- Performed in cities around the world as a member of the Fukuoka Team of Cultural Mission,
- Performed with a Chinese musician in an unit called Ensemble Asia,
- Received The 4th Katsusuke Nakajima Best Creation Award (第4回中島勝佑創作賞最優秀賞) from Japan Traditional Cultures Foundation (日本伝統文化振興財団) in 2015 for writing Bunkyozaka Dance Map (文京坂名所踊図),
- Have written various Japanese dance music and have arranged over 50 songs

Currently hold the positions :
- Chouta Association Kyushu Branch Manager(長唄協会九州支部長)
- Nagauta tōon-kai Director(長唄東音会理事)
- Nagauta Kineya-kai(長唄杵弥会)
- Nagauta Kisshō-kai Supervisor(長唄吉祥会主宰)

Currently, I perform at dance parties and concerts as well as on NHK broadcasts (Japanese Public TV organization) and teach Nagauta in various areas of Japan including Tokyo, Fukuoka, Yamaguchi, and Kagoshima.

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