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Lyricist for fun (if not, why bother?) specialized in wordplay and storytelling. Songs are games made of rules, to be followed and occasionally broken. "Truth or dare?", I say both.

Hello, I'm Angelo, a 33 year old British songwriter based in Italy.
Why hire me as a lyricist?
Two years ago, a life-changing and unforeseen experience occurred and I suddenly found myself on a compositional frenzy at the age of 31 (had never written a score before). But, most importantly, "I suddenly found myself".
I believe that such a passion does not appear in one's life to be merely put aside. I acknowledge it as the voice of my deeper self, and am burning to put it to good use.
Since then I've written and composed many songs, of which 35 presently copyrighted (words & music).
I'm in love with the English language, its musical nature and endless possibilities. Storytelling is also very dear to me: it's the journey that takes us "from Kansas to Fairyland", or smack into the "Dark Night of the Soul". Will reality change? Dunno, but perspective can, and that's what I'm all about.

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