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I got involved with music at the age of 14 when I joined a cover band of very talented musicians who were in their 20s, and pretty famous, by walking in on their practice, they needed a bassist because theirs had gone to jail for 10 years, being a guitarist myself, the singer asked if I played the bass long story short they took me in and bred me.

I am a professional musician, and I know what it takes to play and entertain an audience of maybe 10,000 people, I also know about being your own roadie; I gave my first 3 autographs at the age of 16 (but I digress and am also bragging). I have been in rock n roll cover bands all my life and was also in a worship team at a small church in Philadelphia, PA. I live in Texas now because I am going through a divorce due to my drug addiction that being said I am coping with my drug addiction and am now 1 year sober (thank you jesus). I have 2 kids and they are my life along with the music. I am now in the producing, mixing, and recording part of music it has gotten the best of me and I am able to do it from home where I stay with my mother. I have a part-time job and with the rest of my time I am a beatmaker and songwriter with FL Studio, which I have no affiliation with, they do not pay me. I am also learning Studio One 6. And Reason 11. I heard Ableton Live 11 lite is free so I'll probably dabble with it, I don't know. For now, FL studio 21 is where I spend my time, and am probably becoming the best there is just need a few gigs to see if I am really as much as I think I am. That being said I took music theory in college but dropped out and I also like to read. I promise to work with you in whatever and however I can just need the opportunity. You can call me eventually.

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