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JEM77 Studio was founded with the vision to offer artists a creative space to realize their musical ideas, to accompany them during this process and provide support wherever it is needed. In addition to Music- and Audio-Productions, we offer services in Guitar-Tracking, Audio-Workshops and Acoustic measurement/treatment.

Particular emphasis was placed on a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in which the artist can deliver their best performances. The professional technology provided serves only as a tool to capture the artistic outcome. The song itself and its creative realization is and remains the most important element in this jorney.

If you are in need of some guitar-tracks, we can deliver them online to you, played and recorded with professional equipment and tailored to suit your production.

We are also conducting Recording-Workshops for Musicians (using ProTools, Garageband or Studio One).

In cooperation with Auralex and Soften, we also provide acoustic measurements and treatments for studios, Home-cinemas, commercial facilities and private spaces.

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Gear Highlights
  • ProTools HD
  • UA 610
  • BlueSky Monitoring
  • Joe Meek OneQ
  • Boogie
  • Marshall
  • Egnater
  • H&K
  • VG99
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