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Passion for detail. 10 years working in music for TV ads and now shifting to mixing bands and solo artists. Let's talk!

I've been mixing and mastering music for TV advertising for the last 10 years, in every style imaginable. Also producing, composing, singing, playing, you name it, which gives me a very ample and complete view of the industry. Recently I made my first full EP mix for an amazing rock band called Dr. Lich, which reignited my passion for the unique sensation of mixing artful material.

About my workflow, I have two principles. First: pay full attention to details, because there's the beauty in music; in that sense, I like to correct every flaw in terms of timing (percussion) and pitch (vocals), and also –when using real drums– enhance the sounds by triggering. Second and equally important: the last decision always belongs to the artist.

My audio sample features snippets of 5 mixes for Dr. Lich, and then, starting at 1:16, pieces of several mixing and mastering works for TV advertising.

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I was the mixing and mastering engineer in this production

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